I think…英会話表現・フレーズ

I think...英会話表現・フレーズ


I think + 名詞 / I think S + V

例文)I think you like it.

Topic: 本

I think this book is good.

I think you like this book.

I think this book is popular.

I think you’ve heard the title / of the book.

Topic: リラックス

I think taking a bath is good /to relax.

I think you should have a pet.

I think you’re tired.

I think it’s good /to go /to bed early.

Topic: 料理

I think it’s good /to have dinner /with my family.

I think you should know how to cook.

I think you’re a good chef.

Topic: 旅行

I think it’s good /to travel sometimes.

I think Okinawa is the best place /to visit.

I think I need /to save money more.