I’ve been…英会話表現・フレーズ


I’ve been + 形容詞(-ing, -ed, good など)

ex.)I’ve been thinking about it.

ex.)I’ve been good.

Topic: 本

I’ve been reading the book for two hours.

I’ve been thinking about what the book said.

Topic: リラックス

I’ve been busy these days, so I want to sleep more.

I’ve not been feeling very well, but now I’m OK.

I’ve been drinking coffee a lot.

I‘ve been here long time, since I came here.

Topic: 料理

I’ve been cooking this for long time.

I‘ve been eating burgers these days.

I’ve been good these days for good food.

I’m so hungry. I’ve not been eating for long time.

Topic: 旅行

I’ve been waiting for the train for one hour.

I’ve been staying here for three days.

I’ve been planning the next trip.

Topic: 仕事

I’ve been working for 11 days in a row.

I’ve been in my office for long time.

I’ve been expecting you.