I used to…英会話表現・フレーズ


I used to + 動詞.

ex.)I used to live in Saitama.

ex.)I used to play video game.

Topic: 本

I used to have many books.

I used to read book a lot.

I used to go to the bookstore near my home.

I used to buy some books at bookstore, but now at Amazon.

Topic: リラックス

I used to play tennis on weekends.

I used to live with my cats.

I used to go to a cat cafe.

Topic: 料理

I used to cook every morning.

I used to go to buy some ingredients at the supermarket.

I used to be a good cook.

My mom used to baked a cake for me.

Topic: 旅行

I used to travel around the world by myself.

I used to use this website to book a hotel. 

I used to go to Thailand for a trip.

Topic: 季節

I used to go to sea in the summer.

I used to swim in the river in the summer.

I used to go skiing in the winter.